José Parlá Unveils Large-Scale Calligraphic Paintings for Upcoming Tokyo Show

A report by Keith Estiler for Hyperbeast.

Sprawling gestural works that evoke dilapidated building walls.

Following his solo exhibition at The Bronx Museum of Arts this past February, José Parlá will soon launch his third solo exhibition with Yuka Tsuruno Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Titled “The Awakening,” the acclaimed Brooklyn-based Cuban artist unveils a selection of new calligraphic paintings created amid COVID-19.

Parla’s abstract paintings and hand-painted collages feature a slew of unruly gestural markings gleaned from his graffiti background. The artist’s largely focuses on movement that is channeled through his rapidly-done markings across his dynamic compositions. Oftentimes, his pieces resemble dilapidated building walls that focus on notions of time, displacement and memories.

“José Parlá’s works have embraced within them the histories, memories, and experiences that Parlá himself lives through in his multicultural surroundings, including dissonance arising from identity politics and immigration issues,” said the gallery in a statement.

“The Awakening” will run through September 5 through December 19 at Yuka Tsuruno Gallery.

Yuka Tsuruno Gallery
1-33-10-3F Higashi-Shinagawa
Shinagawa-ku Tokyo

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