UNIQLO is at it again, dropping a stellar Jean-Michel Basquiat x Warner Bros. Collection

UNIQLO is at it again, dropping a stellar Jean-Michel Basquiat x Warner Bros. Collection that features some amazing DC Comics-inspired shirts.

A report by Robert Keough for Screen Rant.

UNIQLO is at it again! Following the recent release of some super sick Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba shirts, it seems UNIQLO’s newest licenced line is leaning a bit more towards the western front, dropping an absolutely stellar Jean-Michel Basquiat x Warner Bros. Collection that features some pretty amazing DC Comics-inspired shirts and hoodies. While the line encompasses all things Warner Bros., there seems to be a heavy emphasis on the ever popular Batman universe, and fans of Supermanwill be glad to know he gets some love as well.

For those unaware, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a world renowned artist that got his start as part of a graffiti duo in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Living from December 22, 1960 to August 12, 1988, Basquiat was born of both of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent, giving him an interesting cultural look into the world. As he grew as an artist and moved from his focus on just graffiti, his neo-expressionist artform took the world by storm, with his pieces being shown in museums and galleries around the world. Heavily influenced by his love for Looney Toons and DC Comics, he paid tribute to many of his favorite characters in his own unique style. Many of these pieces went on to be considered his signature work, and that is exactly where this UNIQLO collection comes in. As UNIQLO is well known for taking licenced properties and giving them a more stylish and artistic design, this collaboration is not only totally fitting, but also a feast for the eyes.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

The line sports five different hoodies for adults, and four different t-shirts for children. Each shirt has a unique piece of Basquiat-inspired art with different characters and properties being represented.

These include a slick dark green Joker-inspired hoodie. The front is sleek and simple, with nothing but a small Joker card next to the pocket. The back is covered in the words “hahahaha” laying under another, much larger, Joker card. This card differs vastly from the one on the front, with the front being a more comic accurate, though still stylized, close up of the Joker’s face, while the back’s Joker card is full body and much more artistically represented.

Next up is a Batman inspired white hoodie. The hoodie has a Bat-logo across the center, done in Basquiat’s own style, with the word member across the middle with a line through it.

Superman also gets some attention in this collection in the form of this sweet grey hoodie. The front of the hoodie has the word “Superman” across the left breast, but the back is where it really gets the Basquiat treatment. Across the entire back of the hoodie is Basquiat’s interpretation of Superman, using nothing but solid black lines and the color red.

One of the coolest of the bunch is the black Batman and Robin hoodie. An artistic representation of the two, the image is slightly reminiscent of a child’s interpretation of the characters (but with much higher quality composition than a child, of course). Across the back is a simple grey image of the dynamic duo in their more comic accurate form.

Though most of this line falls heavily on DC Comics, it wouldn’t truly be a Warner Bros. Collection without the main bunny himself, Bugs Bunny. This last hoodie in the adult line is peach in color and has a sweet classic WB logo with Bugs laying atop it, smoking a cigar, all in Basquiat’s form. The back simply has the logos for both Basquiat and Warner Bros. written across it, but the hood itself has a more cartoon accurate version of Bugs on it.

The child shirts feature all of the same art from the adult hoodies, just on different colored t-shirts and with the art itself in different locations. Since the children’s clothes feature the same designs, this collection is a perfect fit for any family that has comics book lovers young or old, even giving parents the option to match with their kids artistically while not wearing the exact same piece of clothing.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your DC Comics clothing collection with a bit more style, or simply just excited for the upcoming Batman film, this new line is a must have. The shirts officially launch on September 7 and you can check them out on their site here.

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