Tropical seabird makes first-ever appearance in Ohio

A report from WLWT5.

For the first time ever, a tropical seagoing bird has been spotted in the state of Ohio.

Bird-watchers from across the Midwest are traveling to Akron, Ohio, attempting to catch a peek of the rare Brown Booby.

The oddly-named seabird is typically found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Occasionally, they will visit waters of Florida or California, although they are not known to nest in the United States.

But for the first time, bird-watchers have spotted the Brown Booby in Ohio, seen in late August at Summit County’s Nimasila Reservoir.

Some believe the bird was blown off course by hurricane winds, drawing attention from the bird-watching community.

Summit Metroparks biologist Dan Toth is an avid bird-watcher. He told our partners at WKYC that he never expected to see this rarity in Ohio.

“We’re delighted to have found a juvenile Brown Booby,” Toth told WKYC.

The bird appears to be a young female bird. Wildlife officials hope she can soon find her bearings after a good rest and migrate south to her home waters.

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