The Man that Could Fly, KMan: Selected Works

Teo Freytes (MSA-X) has curated an impressive gallery of paintings, drawings, installation, related articles, and more, in honor of the late Cuban-born, Miami-based artist Jorge Bartlett (1957-2008) also known as Kman, whose exhibition, “The Man That Could Fly,” was the first show curated at MSA when it was founded thirty-five years ago. Check out “The Man that Could Fly, KMan: Selected Works” at MSA-X. Also see a 15-minute tour of the exhibition here. [Also see previous post Kman: The man who wanted to fly.]

MSA-X celebrates 35 years of having been founded with the opening of the exhibition “The Man That Could Fly” artworks by Jorge Bartlett, 1957-2008, best known as KMAN. Kman was one of MSA’s most important collaborators since its inauguration in 1985 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

One of the first interventions of KMAN, was in 1983 during a John Cage conference at Florida International University in Miami, wearing a mosquito net, camouflage vest and face paint. During the whole conference the perplexed public tried to ignore the uninvited visitor without success!

KMAN was a transgressor, visionary, who unapologetically intervened in public spaces as well as galleries and museums, openly exposing the superficiality of the art world, its institutions and collectors. His art was deeply rooted in inequity and the impact of politics, military presence, war, and exile as human experiences.

KMAN was also known for his famous speeches at Wynwood during art events.  It was then when he created: Kendallman Art Gallery Ambulante (Kaga). Kaga was, according to KMAN, “the smallest art gallery in the world,” and it contained all of the artist’s creation, which, in those years, had been strategically reduced in size until it became portable.

Among his most remembered exhibitions are the Artman Solo Show at Edge Zone Contemporary Art Gallery where he presented paintings, drawings and performances that intertwine speed and transmutation, as well as his participation in Context 3, at Leonard Tachmes Gallery where he exhibited more than twenty years of drawings on the life of the city.

In 2008 El Museo del Barrio in New York invited KMAN to participate in the iconic exhibition “Arte no es Vida.” KMAN was also invited to several international art events, CIRCA Art Fair in Puerto Rico, 2006, the International Festival of Performance INDEX in Dominican Republic, 2007.

For the full exhibition and related articles, please visit

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