Beres Hammond and his “Call to Duty”

A report from South Florida Caribbean News.

Only a master musician can put life events into focus through song, and our Master musician, Beres Hammond has done just that.

Today (Friday August 28th, 2020) is Beres Hammond’s birthday, and instead of asking for gifts, he has gifted us with the song “Call to Duty.”

Using a symphonic backdrop, Beres calls us to the duty of living our lives purposefully.

While at the beginning of the song he asks us ‘what’s the purpose in us living,’ he goes on to encourage us to think about a child (the future).  He sings “when a little baby is born / we can guarantee / that the little child grows up to be / one that we’re proud of / one with so much love / one that we can build the future on ….”

Recorded at Harmony House in Jamaica, Beres intends the song to be an inspiration.

Whether DJs choose to play this song at the beginning of their broadcast, or at the end, the songs vibration inspires and is a clear ‘call to duty.’ Spread the love.

Beres Hammond Call to Duty

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