Barbadian Shakirah Bourne selected for global Hennessy campaign

A report from WIC News.

Barbadian Shakirah Bourne is being recognized among a select group of global creatives.

The local filmmaker has been selected by the global brand Hennessy to be part of their new ALL I NEED campaign.

Shakirah was chosen after an Executive read about her while on vacation in Barbados and was enamored enough with her personal story to select her for the worldwide campaign.

The campaign is meant to focus on inspiring change and celebrating young creatives in various fields across the globe. Shakirah says when she first saw the email she was a bit skeptical.

“Basically, I was one of 10 artists selected to be part of their HennessyVS global campaigns. I won’t lie, when I first got the email I thought it was spam. Then after googling DDB, the advertising agency in Paris, and then speaking to the team, I realised it was legit. A month later I was doing a photo shoot in Mexico” Bourne said.

Alongside young and prominent tattoo artists, fashion designers, and photographers, Shakirah stands as the lone filmmaker and is representing Barbados on a massive global stage.

Describing the experience as nerve-racking, Shakirah says she still has not accepted that it might be real.

“It was surreal. I’m accustomed to being behind the camera, not in front of it. It is very weird to have a whole crew of people staring at you to choose outfits and waiting for you to pose. Luckily I smile when I’m nervous,” Shakirah said.

As part of the campaign 10 artists were flown to Cognac, France for an opportunity to meet and interact with the Hennessy team and learn about the history of the cognac.

This included dinner at Chateau de Bagnolet, a visit to the vineyards and a tasting at Hennessy house.

The campaign itself will include international commercials on TV, social media and billboards, however, some plans may have to shift as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite what ever changes may occur, Shakirah says she is excited that she was a part of the experience and glad to represent Barbados on a global stage.

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