Lakou NOU 2020 Artist Residency projects (HCX)

Launched in 2016HCX) Lakou NOU is “a creative adaptation of the Lakou communal living system which embodies the intersection of land, family, and spirituality. Lakou members develop reciprocal patterns of resource sharing and jointly work the land. Lakou NOU provides four artists of Haitian descent with the opportunity to create and present new work by connecting their skills and talents to four historically underserved Brooklyn neighborhoods, home to generations of Haitians and Haitian-Americans.”

Here is a description of HCX’s Lakou NOU 2020 Artist Residency projects in the following communities in Brooklyn, New York.

CANARSIE community members: Join AnJu Hyppolite in a collaborative, collective storytelling project that explores our individual and collective Haitian identities. Workshops that use theater games, writing prompts, and more will help us unearth our stories. The workshop will culminate in staged readings of the group’s collective work. You don’t have to be a performer or writer. You just have to have a desire to tell your story in English and/ or Kreyòl. If you’d like to participate please email

FLATBUSH community members: Join Ayanna Jessica Crystal Legros in a collaborative storytelling project about the evolution of the Haitian community in Flatbush through the lenses of sonic soundscapes, community spaces, and Haitian immigrant oral histories. Special emphasis will be given to elders in the community (ages 50 and up). If you would like to partake, please email her at

CROWN HEIGHTS community members: Guerdley Cajus is looking for community members who would like to participate in a dance class that confronts the ongoing erasure of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voices by placing a lens on the untold stories of Haitian people. Movement classes are online and open-level. If you would like to participate in the dance classes or offer your story as a muse, please visit

EAST FLATBUSH Community members: Daveed Baptiste will work with community members to create garments to be worn in a choreographed dance performance inspired by the young people’s stories. If you are interested in being photographed, participating in the screen printing, fashion design, sewing of garments, or dancing, please email Daveed: or send a direct message on Instagram @Daveedbaptise

[Shown above: Lakou NOU artists Daveed Baptiste, Guerdley Cajus, Anju Hyppolite, and Ayanna Legros.]

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