Illegal Export of Bonaire’s Protected “Loras”


BES Reporter writes that Bonaire’s authorities are doing a good job of protecting the island’s loras—the Amazona barbadensis, also known as the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot—which is a protected species and it is illegal to export them. In a joint effort, Bonaire’s Customs, Kmar, and Coast Guard recently searched a local vessel bound for Curaçao carrying two young lora specimens. The parrots were confiscated and taken to Echo Bonaire Conservation Center.

The parrot is only found on Bonaire, along the north coast of Venezuela and on the Venezuelan islands Margarita and La Blanquilla. According to Fondashon Salba Nos Lora, an estimated 800 loras live in the wild in Bonaire.

For original article, see

Also see and more information about Fondashon Salba Nos Lora [Save our Parrot Foundation] at

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