Cardi B makes her comeback alongside Megan Thee Stallion on provocative track


This Numéro article by Honorine Boudzoumou centers on Cardi B’s comeback (alongside Megan Thee Stallion). Its original title “Cardi B fait son grand retour aux côtés de Megan Thee Stallion sur un titre affriolant,” was a bit difficult to translate because affriolant may translate as “appealing” or “sexually exciting,” but, after watching the video, any of these other related words would work: “raunchy,” “sensuous,” “erotically-appealing,” “suggestive”… the list goes on. (You will have to see for yourself.) Here are translated excerpts from the original article.

Much awaited by fans of American hip-hop, “WAP,” the collaboration between the sensual Megan Thee Stallion and the extravagant Cardi B, which marks the return of the New York rapper after the smashing success of her album Invasion of Privacy, has finally been unveiled. On the occasion of its release, the two rappers deliver an ultra-suggestive music video in which they surround themselves with some of the most idolized personalities of the moment.

One year after the release of Press, Cardi B—in full preparation for her second album—made her comeback with the title “WAP,” an acronym for the expression “With a Passion.” To mark the occasion, the New York rapper called on another rising star of U.S. hip-hop, Texan rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Since the release of her new album, SUGA, last March, Megan Thee Stallion has seen her career soar, notably thanks to a fiery remix of the track “Savage” in which American icon and superstar Beyoncé was featured.

To accompany their release, the duo unveiled a music video and Cardi B cautioned her fans: “I want to warn you, the clip is going to be a censored version of the song, because the song is so dirty that YouTube thought, “Wait, wait a minute, someone might say that’s too obscene.” A rapper-style fountain, a flashy mansion, pop colors and animal prints, in this music video by Collin Tilley—who previously produced videos for Kendrick Lamar or DJ Khaled—it is all extravagance, baroque, and glamor. Cardi B and Megan The Stallion, in sexy and extravagant outfits, dance sensually and suggestively. Guest stars of the video? Kylie Jenner, Catalan singer Rosalía, and U.S. singer Normani, with whom Megan Thee Stallion had previously collaborated on the title “Diamonds,” for the soundtrack of the film Birds of Prey.

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For original article (in French), see

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