Forthcoming Exhibition: Carlos Martiel’s “Black Bodies-White Lies”


[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Carlos Martiel’s “Black Bodies-White Lies,” curated by Marisa Caichiolo, will be on view at K Contemporary Gallery (1412 Wazee Street, Denver Colorado) from August 7 to September 12, 2020.  One day during the exhibition, Martiel will be performing “Third Person.” See more information below and at K Contemporary.

Carlos Martiel (Havana, Cuba 1989) is a performance artist whose work provides intense criticism on the ethics of humanity, its history and its behavior through provocative and raw performances that explore the nature of existence, social barriers, and cultural traditions.

At the heart of Martiel’s work are powerful performances that raise questions about the way various societies have treated ethnic minorities and outsiders throughout history.

But these works also defy established values and draw attention to other pressing issues, such as the politically and culturally motivated censorship and persecution present in many countries across the globe, particularly in his native Cuba. To this end, he uses physical expressions that are evocative of rituals and ceremonial procedures.

Martiel’s solo exhibition, “Black Bodies – White Lies,” is a compilation of performances done previously by the artist in Buenos Aires at CCK, Denver for the Biennial of the Americas and the last one in New York during his confinement for the pandemic and more precisely after George Floyd’s murder.

Martiel will be performing one day during the exhibition at K Contemporary; the title of the piece is “Third Person.”

The exhibition revisits the past to make us reflect on the current panorama of grieving the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, Tony McDade, and so many more people whose names we may never know. The murders of Black people have again risen to global and national attention, as has the centuries-long outrage in the United States. Tragically we grieve and protest under a seemingly impervious construct which is a social, economic, and legal system that supports racism, rooted in our collective history of genocide and enslavement.

Martiel wants to hold our gaze, to revitalize our attention, to the ongoing colonization, domination, slavery, and subjugation in our midst to this very day. These collective systems which devalue and denigrate the lives and souls of Black people and the most damning concepts written in universal history, are analyzed by the artist.

We know we must be part of the work to completely change racist, violent, and brutal systems. The changes come as protesters across the country continue to cry out for racial justice and accountability with a visceral force. [. . .]

For more information, see—white-lies

[Shown above, Carlos Martiel’s Encomienda (1/3), 2020.]

Carlos Martiel

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