In competition short and medium documentary film (ttff/20)


The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (ttff/20) has just shared the list of short and medium documentary films in competition this year.

SHORT (up to 29 mins):

  • Atordoado, eu permaneço atento(Stunned, I Remain Alert), dirs. Henrique Amud and Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
  • Coast Land, dir. Alexander Arjoon
  • Our Own House, dirs. Vanessa Bergonzoli, Jeremy Kaplan and Tyler Robinson
  • The Onyx Butterfly, dir. Yasmin Evering-Kerr
  • Unbroken, dir. Gabrielle Blackwood

MEDIUM (30-59 mins):

  • I Don’t Call It Ghetto, dir. Miquel Galofré
  • Men Sa Lanmè Di(Thus Spoke the Sea), dir. Arnold Antonin
  • No Island Like Home, dirs. Giulio Gobbetti and Jan Stöckel



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