New Book—”Compatriotas: Exilio y retorno de Luis Muñoz Marín”


Compatriotas: Exilio y retorno de Luis Muñoz Marín [Compatriots: Exile and Return of Luis Muñoz Marín] by Pablo J. Hernández Rivera was published in May 2020. It focuses on Luis Muñoz Marín, former governor of Puerto Rico from 1949 to 1964, and his voluntary exile in Europe after passing the baton to another candidate in the party he had founded, the Popular Democratic Party.

This book is about the voluntary exile of Luis Muñoz Marín in Europe after the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) suffered its first defeat in 1968, and his surprising and sensational return one month after the 1972 elections. Luis Muñoz Marín founded the Popular Democratic Party in 1938. He served as governor of Puerto Rico from 1949 to 1964, when he chose as successor his right-hand man, Roberto Sánchez Vilella. The PPD swept the 1964 elections. However, the transition from teacher to student led to a historical internal division that culminated in the first defeat of the PPD and the election of the first pro-statehood governor in 1968. Muñoz—frustrated by the PPD’s dependence on him as a representative figure, and eager to facilitate the transition to a new generation of leaders commanded by Rafael Hernández Colón—went into voluntary exile in Europe in August 1970. No one knew when he would return, and he debated whether he should or not. On October 8, 1972, one month after the elections, he reappeared before a crowd of 150,000 Puerto Ricans at Plaza las Américas to offer what would become his last great political-electoral speech.

Pablo José Hernández is a lawyer, author, and editor of several books. He graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in Government, and studied Law at Stanford University, where he received the Gerald Gunther Prize for Outstanding Performance in Legal Research and Writing and the John Hart Ely Prize for Outstanding Performance in Ethics.

From 2016 to 2017, he worked as a blogger for the newspaper El Nuevo Día, where he published more than 60 columns for the digital format. Before studying law, he worked as assistant adviser in public affairs to Governor Alejandro García Padilla, whose campaign he led for the absentee vote in 2012.

[Description above translated by Ivette Romero. For purchasing information, see and]

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