“Diálogos entre artistas” #4: Jaime Suárez & Jorge Rigau


As we mentioned in a previous post, Puerto Rican visual artists have come together in support of the San Juan Art League [Liga de Arte de San Juan] in the series “Dialogues between artists” [Diálogos entre artistas] to be broadcast live on their Facebook page in July and August. This initiative is part of the new Explore Art@La Liga cultural tourism program, coordinated by producer and cultural manager Amalia García Padilla. More information about this cultural initiative can be found on the website exploreartpr.com.

The next dialogue, between architects and artists with intersecting trajectories Jaime Suárez + Jorge Rigau, will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22, at 6:00pm, as they explore ” PREGUNTAS QUE NADIE NOS HA HECHO” [Questions that no one has asked us]. The event will take place via https://www.facebook.com/events/2562602944001067/.

Jaime Suárez, born in Puerto Rico in 1946, is a visual artist, architect, set designer, and professor. He is outstanding for his work in ceramics, as he is one of the main exponents of the medium in Puerto Rico and Latin America, to which he has contributed with innovative techniques such as barographs. He is the creator of important sculptures and murals in ceramics and concrete, among which stands out Tótem Telúrico [in Old San Juan]. He has obtained international recognition and has exhibited his work in Italy, Yugoslavia, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States; his work is found in the collections of various museums in these countries. He is also recognized as a professor of both ceramics and architecture and is currently teaching at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. He has collaborated with numerous entities, including cultural and educational institutions.

Jorge Rigau is an architect and historian by academic training and devotion. In Puerto Rico and beyond, he has been honored with numerous distinctions for his accomplishments as a designer and educator. The projects he has built in various towns on the island reaffirm the values ​​of Puerto Rican architecture, its spatial quality, construction details, and the ability to communicate ideas. His ongoing projects include: the restoration of the San José Church in Old San Juan (now nearing completion), the new Center for Educational Innovation at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, two aviaries to promote the well-being of the Puerto Rican parrot, and a new building for the Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust. Through his career trajectory, Rigau was administrator of the Liga de Arte [Art League] and director of Cultural Activities of the University of Puerto Rico, the School of Architects of Puerto Rico, and the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University, of which he was founder and dean, where he found support in Jaime Suárez, a friend with whom he has shared for years in mutual educational and cultural concerns.

Check out the promotional video at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o3WREUcBa9aYpaqofnmmYDv9Blm45EWY/view


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