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From small axe:

sx salon 34

Rita Indiana’s Tentacle and Remembering Walter Rodney


Table of Contents

Introduction—Rachel L. Mordecai

Reviews—Remembering Walter Rodney

“Remembering Rodney”—Ronald Cummings

“Grounding Rodney in Guyana”—Nalini Mohabir and Robert Cuffy
Review of Walter Rodney, The Groundings with My Brothers, ed. Asha Rodney and Jesse Benjamin, rev. ed. (London: Verso, 2019)

“The Global Social Divide: Revisiting How Europe Underdeveloped AfricaWazir Mohamed
Review of Walter Rodney, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, rev. ed. (London: Verso, 2018)

“Critical Praxis: Walter Rodney and the Russian Revolution”—Nigel Westmaas
Review of Walter Rodney, The Russian Revolution: A View from The Third World, ed. Robin D. G. Kelley and Jesse Benjamin (London: Verso, 2018)

Discussion—Rita Indiana’s Tentacle

“Rita Indiana’s Tentacle: An Introduction”—Njelle W. Hamilton

“Into the Anemone: Ocean, Form, and the Anthropocene in Tentacle—Alison Glassie

“Rita Indiana’s Queer Interspecies Caribbean and the Hispanic Literary Tradition”—Charlotte Rogers

“‘Another Shape to Time’: Tentacle’s Spiral Now”—Njelle W. Hamilto

Poetry and Prose

poems by Margarita Rosa

short fiction by Mauricio Almonte

poem by Vanessa Jimenez Gabb

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