New Book: Carlos Manuel Álvarez “The Fallen”


A translation of Carlos Manuel Álvarez’s Los caídos (2018)—The Fallen—published in September 2019 in the UK, is now available in the U.S. The Fallen was translated by Frank Wynne. Laila Obeidat (The London Magazine) describes the novel as “the story of a family; not a romanticized saga, but a tale of unconditional love and friendship. [. . .] A powerful, burning image of illness, isolation and harrowing rancour.”

Description: A powerful, unsettling portrait of family life in Cuba, Carlos Manuel Álvarez’s first novel is a masterful portrayal of a society in free fall. Diego, the son, is disillusioned and bitter about the limited freedoms his country offers him as he endures compulsory military service. Mariana, the mother, is unwell, prone to mysterious seizures, and forced to relinquish control over the household to her daughter, Maria, who has left school and is working as a chambermaid in a state-owned tourist hotel. The father, Armando, is a committed revolutionary, a die-hard Fidelista who is sickened by the corruption he perceives all around him. As each member of the family narrates seemingly quotidian and overlapping events, they grow increasingly at odds for reasons that remain elusive to them—each of them holding and concealing their own secrets.

In meticulously charting the disintegration of a single family, The Fallen offers a poignant reflection on contemporary Cuba and the clash of the ardent idealism of the old guard with the jaded pragmatism of the young. This is a startling and incisive debut by a radiant new voice in Latin American literature.

The Fallen, Carlos Manuel Álvarez
Translated by Frank Wynne
Fitzcarraldo Editions / Graywolf Press, June 2020
160 pages
ISBN 978-1644450253

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

Also see a review (in Spanish) at

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