Virtual Exhibition: “Primavera Viral”


“Primavera Viral” [Viral Spring]—featuring work by Adolfo Bimer, Ana Izquierdo, Corbett Fogue, Lucia Madriz, and Raura Oblitas—opened yesterday, Thursday, July 9, 2020. The virtual exhibition is presently on view at [Km 0.2 is an art space located in Santurce, Puerto Rico.]

Km 0.2 is pleased to present “Primavera Viral” [Viral Spring]—our first exhibition following the quarantine caused by COVID-19—to be held in virtual format. The exhibition will be accessible only through our website starting this Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 6:00pm (Puerto Rico local time).

Primavera Viral

The vital sign of existence?

Of the 4 seasons, we associate Spring as the ideal time for sowing and harvesting, thus marking the start or regeneration of a new cycle. In this context, we propose that we are going through a social spring, in which there are moments of nervousness that precede a set of social disparities that have undermined humanity’s highest aspirations.

The social and political context in which we find ourselves has been tainted beyond COVID-19, by the virus of inequality, corruption and the darkest recesses of the human spirit. How to face life and social relations after the pandemic? Life as we know it will never be the same. The virus, combined with centuries of systemic oppression across a range of socio-cultural specters, opens up an analytical and procedural pathway where diverse manifestations and social complexities operate.

By presenting Primavera Viral through a virtual format, we present this kind of manifesto in order to generate more questions, as in a type of spell, instead of trying to find definitive answers.

Despite gathering artists from countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, the United States, and Peru, we can observe a series of narratives that converge in the bodies of work presented, realizing the importance of continuing to exercise dialogues about the problems that we face, despite geographical distances. The artists who participate in this exhibition carry premonitions, personal cosmologies, and observations that subvert the framework out of which our current reality is composed, thus oxygenating our existence. Through a collective look focused on historical processes, the exhibition produces a series of narrative urgencies that conspire to maintain the existing dialogue between the relationship linking art and life itself.

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