MADMi: “JUNTXS: Colección Hernández Castrodad” & Workshop “Corónate”


“JUNTXS: Colección Hernández Castrodad,” which had been slated to open in March, will now open in July in Rooms 1 & 3 at the MADMi—Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar [Museum of Art and Design in Miramar]. As part of the exhibition, artist Lilliam Nieves (whose Corona IV is shown above) will offer a workshop for ages 8 and above, entitled “Corónate con Lilliam Nieves” [Crown Yourself with Lilliam Nieves] on July 17, 2:00-3:00pm at the Titín Room. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to assemble and decorate their own crowns through collage and mixed media.

This collective exhibition presents works by 50 local artists selected from the excellent private collection of José Hernández Castrodad and Iris Marcano. Produced in the first decades of the 21st century, the exhibited works highlight the expertise in the diversity of media worked, the visual sophistication of our artists, social criticism and, above all, the Caribbean humor that characterizes us.

Guest curator Dianne Brás Feliciano writes:

After two decades collecting art, Iris Marcano and José Hernández Castrodad share a link with the artistic community of Puerto Rico and a manifest dedication to the development of talented young people. Although there are enthusiastic collector families in Puerto Rico, the Hernández Castrodad Collection is distinguished by including contemporary and new media, moving away from more traditional collections.

The focus of this exhibition has been created as a survey of Puerto Rican art of the last two decades. Indeed, as a sample of the diversity of the Collection, we present drawings, paintings, installations, sculptures, photographs and videos. Reflecting the variety of artistic media and concerns, the exhibition is divided into two thematic areas of exploration: humor and socio-political criticism.

With this exhibition of the Hernández Castrodad Collection we offer a look at one of the most relevant collections of contemporary Puerto Rican art in the country. Currently, it has around 530 works and it continues to grow with the aim to support the careers of artists and curators of Puerto Rico with generosity and respect for their criteria.

[Shown above: Liliam Nieves (Corona IV).]

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