Plastic Ban Ordinance for Aruba (July 1st)


Go Aruba! Aruba Today reports that the Plastic Ban Ordinance for Aruba will go into effect as of July 1, 2020; below is a list of products that are prohibited. 

The island’s government made a decision in 2017 to ban all single use plastic bags and has now extended it to include items as plastic cups and straws and Styrofoam boxes, such as disposable coolers. Also, sunscreens containing oxybenzone is to be prohibited in Aruba. The ban is effective in 2019, with a one-year transition period to a total ban in 2020. The Plastic Ban Ordinance will go into effect as of July 1st 2020, together with the list of products that are prohibited.

Prohibited products

  • Single use plastic bags with any type of handle;
  • Single use plastic bags in supermarkets to pack fruit and vegetables; Single use plastic/styrofoam cutlery, cups and plates;
  • Single use plastic stirrers and straws;
  • Single use plastic/styrofoam containers used for immediate consumption like fast food containers/food trucks;
  • Suntan lotion/cream with Oxybenzone;
  • Biodegradable products not mentioned in the list of exempted products; Releasing of plastic confetti and balloons into the sky.

Products exempt until further notice

  • Single use plastic straw for medical use;
  • Single use plastic/styrofoam trays for cold cuts and raw meats; Saran wrap;
  • Plastic/styrofoam/biodegradable lids for containers/cups;
  • Plastic food packages used for prepackaging products by local food manufacture for wholesale.

Scope of the prohibition

  • Import of the prohibited products;
  • Manufacturing of the prohibited products;
  • Sale of the prohibited products;
  • To offer of the prohibited products.


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