Fondation Clément’s Sculpture Park


Fondation Clément’s Sculpture Park—located at Habitation Clément in Martinique—will be open to the public starting June 22, 2020. From June 22 to 30, entry to the grounds will be free.

Dominique Brebion (AICA Caraïbe du Sud) meticulously reviews a wide array of pieces at the sculpture park, which has recently added new works. The art critic includes a great many artists from all over the world; this includes Caribbean artists such as Thierry Alet (Guadeloupe), Christian Bertin (Martinique), Hervé Beuze (Martinique), Modesto Castaner (Cuba), Bruce de Jaham (Martinique), Michel Rovelas (Guadeloupe), and Luz Severino (Dominican Republic), among others.

Brebion provides extensive slideshows and several videos. As she indicates, just click on the first image to start the slideshow.

Check back on our site for an English translation of her review. For now, we share the link to her full review in French:

[Photo above by Joël Zobel.]

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