Cardi B declares that “she will not return to or speak of the DR”


The original title of the following article is “Cardi B is upset by the attacks she has received and assures ‘she will not return to or speak of the DR.’” According to Dominican Today, the singer, whose parents hail from the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago, was attacked for publishing a photograph holding the Haitian and Dominican flags together during a demonstration, with the slogan “Unity is what I represent and what I am.” She was accused of wanting to unify the two countries, which had had a long history of animosity. The artist considers the backlash to be an example of the racism present in the Dominican Republic.

The issue of racism remains very latent and sensitive for many people. One of them is Cardi B, who got upset again and this time very seriously. So much so that she asserted that she will not return to the Dominican Republic nor will she speak about the country.

“I never again will speak of the Dominican Republic, never again speak of the Dominican Republic. I always feel that I am representing the Dominican Republic because I love Dominican people, I love being Dominican. The fire of my heart as I act, is because that is how we are, but I will never go to the Dominican Republic anymore,” she said with pain in her voice in her usual “live” nights.

[. . .] Cardi B again defended herself against the criticism she has received for publishing a photograph where the Haitian and Dominican flags appear together during a demonstration in the United States with the slogan “Unity is what I represent and what I am.”

Given these images, the rapper received many attacks to such an extent that she had to return to talk about the subject and explain that she never wanted to say that they united the two countries that occupy the island of Hispaniola because “I know my story,” but instead published the photograph as a symbol of peace. [. . .]

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