Loíza, Puerto Rico residents join call against racial discrimination


[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] In “Puerto Rico residents join call against racial discrimination, demonstration held in Loíza,” The Weekly Journal reports:

A group of residents from Loíza led by Lymarie Escobar Quiñones, a mayoral candidate from the New Progressive Party (NPP), joined the protests organized in different cities of the United States to demand the cessation of violence due to racial discrimination. The citizens’ claim is due to the consternation caused by the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died after being handcuffed by a police officer in the state of Minneapolis.

Floyd was face down on the road and in handcuffs, as the police officer placed his knee on the victim’s neck, reportedly causing his death by suffocation, as determined by an independent autopsy. “We demand that there be a stop to violence by racial discrimination. The case of George Floyd once again awakens the reality of racism that exists in many parts of the world. It is unacceptable that these acts of violence happen and that a human being loses his life in this way. We join the demand for the cessation of discrimination by race and demand legislation so that people who incite violent acts against human beings for their skin color are accused and prosecuted,” Escobar Quiñones said

The group created picket signs with messages alluding to the rejection of racism and abuse of power. They made the demonstration in Loíza’s main road, in front of Ricky Martin’s Tau Center.

For the past week, multiple protests have erupted in major U.S. cities, prompting President Donald Trump to deploy military force against protesters, some of whom have looted stores and incinerated police vehicles, among others. Different collectives, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa (anti-fascist protest movement), have joined the call against police brutality and racism. Last Sunday, the president was moved to a bunker after violence overtook the protest at Lafayette Park, close to the White House.

Read original article at https://www.theweeklyjournal.com/politics/puerto-rico-residents-join-call-against-racial-discrimination/article_11e9f1ec-a503-11ea-b15c-a7219f0e9846.html

How Loíza, Puerto Rico, became one of the first Latin American cities to join the George Floyd protests, Victoria Leandra, Remezcla, June 3, 2020

Puerto Ricans are calling out structural racism after George Floyd’s death, Victoria Leandra, Remezcla, June 5, 2020


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