#WatchAMovieOnUs: “Unfinished Sentences” (ttff)


#WatchAMovieOnUs online screening series: As part of its fifteenth anniversary celebrations, from May 24 to July 12, 2020, ttff is streaming eight trinidad+tobago film festival favorites for free via the ttff website. Please note that, because of licencing restrictions, only users from within the Caribbean region may view this stream.

Unfinished Sentences, directed by Mariel Brown.  will be available for streaming to viewers in the Caribbean on the tt film festival website for 48 hours from 12:01am on Saturday 13 June to midnight, Sunday 14 June.

Unfinished Sentences is an intimate exploration of the often tumultuous relationship between filmmaker Mariel Brown, and her late father, Trinidadian columnist and poet Wayne Brown.

In writing on the film in Caribbean Beat Magazine, Georgia Popplewell notes, “Whether a film is ‘little’ or ‘big’ depends less on the subject than on the depth and quality of the themes it explores. Unfinished Sentences is about a literary figure who deserved to be better known. It’s about how human beings are shaped by place and circumstance and race and history.”

Description: A filmmaker daughter and her writer father navigate the conflicting issues of their relationship: race and art, adoration and disappointment, success and failure. Until he dies and, in her grief, she discovers that his poetry and prose transcend death, allowing her to hear his voice again and find a way back to herself.

Source: https://ttfilmfestival.com/watchamovieonus?m=unfinished-sentences_saturday

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