Jimmy Jean-Louis, Gessica Généus in “Everything but a Man”


Here is an interesting film—“Everything but a Man”—meant for entertainment, but tackling culture, class, and lifestyle differences. Directed by Nnegest Likké, it stars Monica Calhoun and Haitian-born actors Jimmy Jean-Louis and Gessica Généus. Other actors in the cast include Bambadjan Bamba, Mike Faiola, Laura Hayes, Dio Johnson, Martin Morales, and Camille Winbush. Watch trailer here. The film is available through Urban Movie Channel (UMC).

“A happily single career woman finds unexpected love with a mysterious man from another culture, but their major lifestyle differences cause as much conflict as there is chemistry between them.”

Comedic, dramatic and sexual tensions collide in this bold, thought-provoking and fresh new romantic-comedy-drama from award-winning, writer-director Nnegest Likké.  Stars Monica Calhoun, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Camille Winbush and Gessica Généus. Soundtrack featuring hottest classic Afrobeats, Caribbean & folk-soul music. WATCH “Beautiful Lady” theme song music video by Wais at- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JvX7…

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