New Issue: West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids Vol. 94 


The latest issue of New West Indian Guide Nieuwe West-Indische Gids Vol. 94 (1&2) is now available online, free of charge, at Brill.

Description: This issue includes a richly illustrated article by Sally Price entitled “Maroon Fashion History.” Based on more than fifty years of ethnographic work with Maroons, she focuses on textile arts and clothing fashions, running briefly through styles of the past before focusing on current directions. Today, with Maroons participating increasingly in life beyond the traditional villages of the rain forest, the women have continued to enjoy adopting newly available materials and inventing novel techniques. In the process, they have been producing clothing that reflects both their cultural heritage of innovative artistry and their new place in the multicultural, commoditized society of the coast. The more than 30 illustrations in full color give an opening hint of the remarkable vibrancy of this aspect of Maroon life in the twenty-first century.

The second article by Devin Leigh, “A Disagreeable Text,” introduces an unpublished first draft of Bryan Edwards’s eighteenth-century classic The History of the British West Indies. Housed in the archives of the West India Committee in Westminster, England, this preface has never been published or fully analyzed by scholars in print. It offers valuable insight into the production of West Indian history at the end of the eighteenth century. In particular, it shows how planters confronted the challenges of their day by attempting to wrest the practice of writing West Indian history from their critics in Great Britain. Unlike these metropolitan writers, Edwards had lived in the West Indian colonies for many years. He positioned his personal experience as being a primary source of his historical legitimacy.

In addition there are a review article on recent Interventions into the military history of the Caribbean by Harvey R. Neptune, a 30-page Bookshelf by Richard Price and Sally Price on publications that are not fully reviewed in the journal, plus 47 full book reviews by specialists on the Caribbean region.

[For free issue, see All past issues of the NWIG, dating back to 1919, are also available. For more information, see see]


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