Queen Ifrica sings “I Can’t Breathe”


CaribDirect reports that Jamaican reggae singer Queen Ifrica’s “I Can’t Breathe”—from her 2017 album, Climb—has been getting much attention in the present climate of shock, deep sadness, and outrage following George Floyd’s death. [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing all related links to our attention.]

Although Queen Ifrica’s album Climb was released in 2017, one track is catching the attention of music lovers in 2020. The song is “I Can’t Breathe.”

Combining one-drop Reggae with hints of Gospel, Queen’s lyrics, especially the chorus, are thought provoking and powerful, directing our attention to injustices, racism and prejudice happening across the globe. The chorus concludes by saying “we ain’t gonna stop until our people are free.” We feel this track speaks to this particular moment in time. Rest in peace, George Floyd.

Source: https://www.caribdirect.com/queen-ifrica-sings-i-cant-breathe

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Queen Ifrica “I Can’t Breathe” from her 2017 album “Climb”
With lyrics by L3Magazine:

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