Review of Rita Indiana’s “Made in Saturn”

Letter LA Rita Indiana

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] In “Letters from Latin America,” Leo Boix (Morning Star) reviews Rita Indiana’s Made in Saturn.

[. . .] Born and raised in the Dominican Republic and now living in Puerto Rico, Rita Indiana is a force to be reckoned with in contemporary Caribbean literature and music. Her latest novel Made in Saturn (And Other Stories, £10), doesn’t disappoint and it leaves you wanting more.

At its centre is young artist Argenis Luna, son of a once-revolutionary father who is now part of the ruling elite in the Dominican Republic. Luna is a heroin addict who’s being sent to Cuba to recover from his drug addiction and during his time on the island discovers a whole series of colourful characters who will eventually bring him enlightenment.

From brave drag queens and artists, to hustlers, a doctor and a cleaning lady turned lover, Luna experiences a Cuba that will allow him to find hope and a sense of renewal.

It’s a riotous work, focusing on the anxieties and fears of the children of Latin-American revolutions, as well as with current uncertainties in the Caribbean world.

And it’s a must-read for anyone interested in Latin American hyper-realism, as well as the complexities of being queer in Central America.


Made in Saturn, Rita Indiana
Translated by Sydney Hutchinson
And Other Stories, 2020
176 pages
ISBN 978-1911508601

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