Caribbean Bracing For Harsh Hurricane Season

Bahamas Hurricane Dorian

A report from One Americas News.

Caribbean countries are bracing for the upcoming hurricane season, which experts have called unusually active. According to reports, the coming season could bring up to six major hurricanes to the region.

Governments are struggling to keep up with an early season after Hurricane Arthur destroyed areas trying to recover from last year’s Hurricane Dorian.

Experts noted coronavirus measures are hindering disaster responses and believe officials are focusing their attention on treating infected residents.

“This particular year, COVID-19 has put all countries in a position where their physical resources have been dramatically diminished,” said Caribbean Development Bank President Warren Smith.

President Trump was briefed on the above average hurricane season earlier this week at the White House. FEMA officials announced the Atlantic hurricane season is expected to have 13 to 19 named storms total.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, FEMA is well-funded this year due to Congress providing an additional $40 billion in funding.

Hurricane activity is expected to pick up during the normal June through November season.

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