“After all”: Yordano and his musical journey from weakness to hope


A report from Explica.

“After all”… a faith of life. Six years had passed since their last musical production of Yordano. A lot of water has flowed under that bridge since then, but in the midst of the pandemic, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter returns with his record number 13 under his arm, ready to transmute the bad reputation of the number, to make it rather an amulet of the possible and a song to new opportunities.

After overcoming serious health problems, in which he did not stop feeling the support and affection of the public, the remembered singer-songwriter assures that he feels “like the boxer who got lost, retired, but wants to continue fighting” … and what a hook the what he brings!

He does not dare to say that it is the best of his albums “but it is the most important … because we managed to make it come true ‘After all’ and despite all the obstacles” – says the Italian-born musician- “It is our life faith and the certification that music saves us from everything ”.

From his apartment in New York, the city where he has lived for six years, and where today he is confined by the pandemic that strikes the Big Apple with particular rigor, the 68-year-old musician learns to give interviews via Zoom, and to do promotion in times of quarantine.

“With a little help from my friends”

But he was not alone. For this new album, Yordano had the collaboration of a Venezuelan musician José Luis “Cheo” Pardo, ex-guitarist of “Los Amigos Invisibles”, who served as co-producer and arranger, along with whom he worked for five years to bring the album forward.

“He was weak on the one hand and very vulnerable mentally (…) He did not have the energy, but he did have the songs and he was composing,” said the artist. So at first Pardo took over much of the work, and as he improved, “the weight was balanced a little more.”

Pardo has his own story about the beginning of this collaboration “The pana was locked in a treatment. I invited him to come to the studio to record the new songs he was writing to disperse, laid back guy. ”

“I was in the studio, doing what I like to do the most, I gave ‘REC’ (record) to the computer … That man started singing and my tears started to flow. So without further ado, I realized that it was not the neighbor who was in the studio: it was a legend, ”said the afro musician in his networks.

Pardo explains that at first he recorded the songs only so that Yordano had a record of what he wrote… until he had a “Eureka moment”: “I grabbed one of the songs, I put drums, bass, keyboards and when the next one entered the studio session I surprised him with my “great arrangement of his beautiful song”.

His face was indescribable, says the former guitarist. “Is that like a pig, Cheo?” … Auch !! The conclusion was: “show it to your wife, your daughters and on Monday we see.”

The guitarist relates that “his neighbor” returned days later to the studio and said to him: “Ok Cheo, if it is okay I fix what you did, we are going to make an album, I am in your hands with the music, but… YOU DON’T HAPPEN to change me a comma of my lyrics that if you are going to see me well ”… and that’s how it all started.

The sound of the Caribbean in New York

In this album, Yordano assures that he shows his personal and musical essence naked with an explosion of styles and collaborations by Pardo and compares the production with «the fight of the Joker and Batman».

“We swap roles, we challenge each other. In the end, music is the result. A lot of people are going to say when they listen to some songs that that doesn’t sound like Yordano, but it is just another musical facet, ”explained the artist who since 1982 has fed the love stories of his fans.

Pardo’s influence, can be felt in songs like “Once again” and “How cute you see yourself”, also appears in the video for “After all”, starring Yordano and his wife and manager, Yuri Bastidas, and directed by Isaac Bencid and Mauricio Rodríguez, all of Venezuelan nationality.

Among other titles on the album are “Allá iré”, a song with a flavor of the Caribbean coast dedicated to the Venezuelan diaspora (“in this case my daughter and my granddaughters, directly,” said Yordano); the rocky bachata “Yo que te di”, and “Bailando en la jungla”, a fusion of rock with the Caribbean, blues and soul that he qualified as one of his most original.

Yordano handwriting

Although his new music may surprise some, the lyrics on this eighteenth album by the singer-songwriter is “Yordano puro”.

For example, “After all” is a love song to his wife Yuri, who has taken him to port through the turbulent waters that represented his arduous treatment against bone marrow cancer that kept him away from the stage.

In “Para que llorar” he talks about his learning during that period, which also included the murder in Caracas of his brother Evio Di Marzo, while the intro of “Qué linda te ves” is a family of that of “Manantial de corazón” and so with the 13 songs on the album.

“They all have a special meaning, including those that were left out,” said Yordano, who said he would have enough extra songs to make another album, although he learned that putting too many songs on one album is a bad idea.

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