Q&A QUARANTINE AND ART: “You are not alone”


This conversation between Marsha Pearce and Sheena Rose (Barbados) was published on May 27, 2020. It is part of the series Q&A Quarantine and Art [also see previous post Q&A Quarantine and Art.] Here are excerpts of the conversation. See more on the artist in “You are not alone.”

Marsha Pearce: Hello Sheena, how are you doing? From your social media posts, you seem to be oscillating between moments of anxiety and periods of infectious courage. You are certainly not afraid to share when you are crying, and you have been a source of inspiration with your morning reminders to “Rise and shine.”

Sheena Rose: Hi Marsha, I am pretty okay. For the past week, I was really sick, and my parents had to take care of me. I find my anxiety has cooled down a bit, but I guess I am quietly worrying about how I am going to move forward since COVID-19 came around. I am still working every day. If not working, I am reading, researching, experimenting, meditating, gardening and doing yoga. I feel we are all going through some anxiety or fear. I just want to say to the world: “You are not alone,” and put these feelings into my art. [. . .]

Please see: http://marshapearce.com/qanda/you-are-not-alone/

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