Bankra Caribbean Culture Festival


Braata Productions a 501(3) non profit organization is excited to host the 6th annual, “Bankra Caribbean Culture Festival” The Festival will feature traditional authentic folk forms, and experiences from different Caribbean territories.

A bankra basket is a Jamaican traveling basket; usually woven, and is often carried or used as a display for a wide variety of produce. The name is inherited from the Twi language of Ghana (bonkara). This is exactly what this folk festival will replicate: the largesse beauty of the folk form uniquely represented from each island. With social distancing restrictions in place, we want to remain safe but still retain the good vibe that we have every year. We hope to create some of the atmosphere and we need you to make that happen.

This event is dedicated to folk forms and culture, it will stimulate nostalgia for those who grew up with it, provide learning opportunities for others who had no knowledge of it, and will help reestablish the importance, and relevance of folk as a viable, vibrant contributor to the Caribbean brand.

Watch online at

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