Q&A Quarantine and Art


Here is an exciting new series titled Q&A Quarantine and Art. Launched on May 6, 2020, this series is conceptualized and led by Dr. Marsha Pearce, a scholar based at the University of the West Indies-St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago. A new conversation is published each week. Follow the series here.

You may read the first three conversations here:

About Q&A Quarantine and Art:  Quarantine and Art is a conversation series initiated in the context of the global COVID-19 lockdown. Connect with artists and their ideas. Get insights from creative practitioners from the Caribbean and its Diaspora as they talk about their artworks, art-related issues and their personal responses to the pandemic. Each conversation’s Q&A – question and answer – format offers a sense of closeness in a time of social distancing. Part virtual studio visit; part checkup on the wellbeing of the art community; Quarantine and Art is an archive of a particular moment.

Follow the series here: http://marshapearce.com/qanda/.

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