Q&A Quarantine and Art: “The Things We Leave Behind”


This conversation between Marsha Pearce and Trinidadian artist Joshua Lue Chee Kong was published on May 20, 2020. It is part of the series Q&A Quarantine and Art [also see previous post Q&A Quarantine and Art.] Here are excerpts of the conversation. See more on the artist’s work – including his thesis, entitled Melting Pot: Casting a Caribbean Chinese Body – and photos in “The Things We Leave Behind.”

Marsha Pearce: Josh, it’s been a while. Are you in Canada? How are you? How are you dealing with our current circumstances – this global health challenge?

Joshua Lue Chee Kong: Yes, I am currently residing in Toronto, as a student for the last two years. I am doing well, given the unique situation we are facing with Covid-19. For an introvert like myself, I am taking the time to read and I’m learning to cook old family dishes. Honestly speaking, it is a challenge to be away from Trinidad, especially after hearing about the recent death of Tony Hall. It makes me think about all the friends and family I have in Trinidad. Tony Hall will be greatly missed as he is one of the many cultural icons to come from the Caribbean. [. . .]

For full conversation and photo of Joshua Lue Chee Kong’s work, see http://marshapearce.com/qanda/the-things-we-leave-behind/

Stay connected with Joshua Lue Chee Kong: Instagram: @moko_jumbie_josh; Website: www.joshualuecheekong.com

[Artist Joshua Lue Chee Kong sheltering in place in Toronto, Canada. Image courtesy the artist. Accessed via http://marshapearce.com/qanda/the-things-we-leave-behind/]

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