Nature Foundation Sint Maarten’s Eco-Bracelet


Nature Foundation Sint Maarten has produced a Sint Maarten Eco-Bracelet to help bring awareness and to show support for the protection and improvement of Sint Maarten’s environment. The Sint Maarten Eco-bracelet displays the text “Nature is our Future SXM.” Nature Foundation Sint Maarten writes:

By purchasing and wearing the Nature Foundation Eco-Bracelet, you identify yourself as a Sint Maarten Eco-Warrior and symbolize your commitment to a clean and sustainable island! Every bracelet purchase directly supports the protection and enhancement of Sint Maarten’s natural environment. The Nature Foundation St. Maarten manages and preserves the nation’s nature areas and natural habitats, provides education and awareness and conducts essential research and monitoring.

The Eco-bracelet is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric, which is the primary material used for the production of many water bottles around the world. Billions of PET bottles are discarded each year and a significant amount of them become littered in the natural environment, representing one of the biggest waste problems on Earth.

This edition of the Sint Maarten Eco-bracelet displays the text “Nature is our Future SXM”, which is the slogan of the Nature Foundation St. Maarten, along with an outline of our beloved island. Each Eco-bracelet includes a flyer explaining what it means to wear the bracelet, how you can continue to support the Nature Foundation and a map of Sint Maarten’s Marine Protected Area and dive sites.

The Nature Foundation is also offering a retail option for businesses to help reach the visitors of our island. Bracelet displays are made from up-cycled material from the Waste Factory which will be provided for free with orders of 20 or more bracelets. For more information about retail options business can contact

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