“The Sea Needs No Ornament” makes PBS Summer 2020 picks


I’m not sure how we missed this news from Peepal Tree Press (posted on 30 March 2020). Our enthusiastic congratulations!

The Poetry Book Society has announced its Summer 2020 selections. We are pleased to find that esteemed poet Ilya Kaminsky chose our bilingual anthology of 33 Caribbean women poets as the Translation Choice: The Sea Needs No Ornament/El mar no necesita ornamento (eds. and trans. Loretta Collins Klobah and Marieta Grau Perejoan, June 2020).

We give massive thanks to PBS and Ilya Kaminsky, and also our congratulations to the poets included in the anthology and our editor-translators! We also thank Damaris Cruz for the wonderful artwork for the book cover.

Read the full list of recommendations.

Source: https://www.peepaltreepress.com/blog/news-authors/sea-needs-no-ornament-makes-pbs-summer-2020-picks

For more information, see https://www.peepaltreepress.com/books/sea-needs-no-ornament-el-mar-no-necesita-ornamento

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