Israel Mapp on “Creative Placemaking: A Praxis for Regenerative Transformation”

thumbnail_Israel Square

Hosted by the Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research, Education, and Design (WIRRED)—a not-for-profit think tank, research center and consultancy dedicated to the study of climate-smart agricultural practices—Kiesha Farnum will have a conversation with creative producer/designer Israel Mapp on “Creative Placemaking: A Praxis for Regenerative Transformation.” This online event (LIVE Living Room Session—see link below) will take place on Thursday, May 21, 2020, at 1:00pm.

Description (WIRRED): This is Israel Mapp – creative producer, architect, product designer, potter. Israel has used his creative practice to create spaces that are not only beautiful but address issues of climate resilience and increased biodiversity in urban spaces.

Join WIRRED’s Kiesha Farnum on Thursday 21st May at 1pm as she taps into Israel’s creative praxis to learn how we can design for the future – a future in which a synthesis of thoughtfulness, beauty, function, and performance can address climate change – the defining issue of our time.

Israel Mapp is a creative producer with, and founder of the non-profit, social-creative enterprise Union Collaborative Inc. and artists’-designers’ and makers’ collective, TANDEM Movement. Trained in architecture, this skill has served him effectively in his companies Archipelago and EpochEleven which have portfolios in architecture, interior design, event design and set and stage design, product design and manufacturing.

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