Dominican painter Jorge Severino passes away


Well-known Dominican visual artist Jorge Severino passed away on Monday, May 10, 2020. He is most famous for his paintings of grandly attired black Dominican women, striking the poses typical of classic European portrait sitting (see example below). Here is a translation of an article from El Nuevo Diario.

Jorge Alberto Severino Contreras was born in Puerto Plata on December 6, 1935; his indisputable hallmark, that of dark-skinned women wrapped in tulle and silk, with a cayenne flower in their hair, led him to be recognized worldwide.


The painter’s work was the subject of several national and international awards and recognitions, among them, the First Prize of the Casa de España National Painting Contest and First Honorable Mention of the Latin American Triennial of Engraving in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was secretary general of the College of Plastic Artists of Santo Domingo, member of the American Chamber of Commerce and the Dominican Development Foundation.

After learning of the death of the watercolorist, personalities and institutions expressed their regret, including the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National Library (BNPHU), who defined him as “one of the most awarded painters in the country.” The artist’s works “are found in important museums around the world,” BNPHU added on Twitter.

Severino exhibited his work in several countries in the Americas, such as Argentina, Brazil; the United States; and Europe, including Spain and France.

Excerpt above translated by Ivette Romero. For full article, see

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