Art Exhibition: “Mascarilla…mi única protección”


“Mascarilla del arte, mi única protección” [Art Mask: My Only Protection] is a virtual exhibition gathering 86 artists, which opens on May 14, 2020, at 7:00pm (“virtually” based in Puerto Rico). Javier Martínez (Autogiro) reports:

On May 14, at 7:00 PM, there will be a virtual opening of the exhibition “Mascarilla del arte, Mi única protección,” a project organized by Hubert Caño, gathering 86 artists who express themselves on the topic of masks—be it the surgical mask or other types of masks [in Spanish, the article gives other names for masks: barbijo, cubrebocas, or tapaboca] that are self-filtering and are used by medical personnel in this COVID-19 pandemic.

The health safety mask so necessary in this pandemic crisis has been scarce, prices have been rising, and governments have required that individuals use them to be able to circulate in public spaces. It has been called in as topic for the visual-social expression of participating artists. In a play on words, the title indicates the art mask… which lets us know that what saves us spiritually is art.

The 86 artists participating in this event—which one day may appear in the physical space of the galleries, museums, or alternate exhibition spots—are: Celestino Ortiz-Nieves, Sergio Arocho, Lizette Lugo, Clarissa Biaggi, Juan Carlos Amador, Julio Cesar Torres, Sonia Sanz, Myrielle Pierre, Hubert Caño, Ezequiel Taveras, Carmen G. Mojica Martínez, Gloribel Delgado Esquilín, Annelisse Molini, Jackie Cooper, Kelvyn Peralta, Josemiel Platz, Mayra Molinary, Roberto Hernandez, Norberto Morales, Mireidi Méndez-Falcón, Violeta Guzmán, Abdías MéndezRobles, Nancy Meléndez, Sandra González, Ivonne Prats, Edwin Báez, Dagnes Y. Calderón, Ahisamar Antonia, Franklin Graulau, Elisa Morera Benn, Tina Psoinos, Fernando Santiago Camacho, Tonita Hambleton, Gladys Nieves, María Irma Navedo Rivera, Mariela Restrepo, Gilberto Rosa Martinez, Janet León-Rodríguez, Sonia Marrero,  Ludwig Medina, Giovanna Verní, Julia Rivera, Elena Méndez, Myriam Yagnam, Cecile Molina-Machargo, Carlos Ayala Barreto, Emilia Barrientos, José Raúl Gracia Vega, Carla Negrón, Vanessa Rivera, Fulgen Sabatier, Paula G Rodriguez, Eduardo Cabrer, Gilbert Salinas, Calin Dover Tarrats, Miguel Sacarello, Roberto Acevedo, Carlos Romaguera, A. Pinazo, Christian Martínez, Aracelis Cruz, Heriberto Tirado, Marie Court, Edward-Víctor Sánchez, Ral Ramírez, Diana Dávila, Aileen Castañeda, Toni Hambleton, Debbie Torres, Niko Bueso, Carmen Olmo Terrasa, Lulu Peña, Migdalia R. Umpierre, Anuchka Ramos-Ruiz (writer), Nora Quintero, Redo del Olmo, Angélica Rivera, Marlene Hernandez, Carlos Antonio Otero, Sarabel Santos-Negron, Roberto Hernandez, Raphael Rodríguez lll, and Rashelle Burns.

Exhibition’s main page: Muestra colectiva Mascarilla del arte. Mi única protección 

Other related Facebook pages: debas – debbie’s art seriesOller Campeche PouObjetos Arte Objetos EncontradosPamil Fine Art

Article translated by Ivette Romero. For original article (in Spanish), see


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