Annalee Davis on “Bush Tea Plots: Post Plantation Regenerative Strategies”


Hosted by the Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research, Education, and Design (WIRRED)—a not-for-profit think tank, research center and consultancy dedicated to the study of climate-smart agricultural practices—Barbadian artist Annalee Davis will speak on “Bush Tea Plots: Post Plantation Regenerative Strategies.” This online event (LIVE Living Room Session—see link below) will take place on Thursday, May 14, 2020, at 11:00am.

Description (WIRRED): In the Caribbean most of us are familiar with the term “Bush Tea”. Many of us grew up on it and remember it fondly (and not so fondly). Some of us continue these “bush tea” practices today!

Join WIRRED’s Kiesha Farnum on Thursday 14th at 11am as she talks with Annalee Davis, visual artist and cultural activist about her work “Bush Tea Plots” and its relevance to regenerative agriculture and climate mitigation and resilience. Annalee’s practice works at the intersection of biography and history, focusing on post-plantation economies. Her studio, located on a working dairy farm, operated as a 17thC sugarcane plantation, offers a critical context for her practice which engages with the residue of the plantation.

Annalee is also the founder of the artist led initiative “Fresh Milk” and is the co-founder and co-director of Caribbean Linked, an annual residency in Aruba, and Tilting Axis, an independent visual arts platform bridging the Caribbean through annual encounters.

Here is the link for the forthcoming event:

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