Amara La Negra’s Web Series “Grind Pretty, My Mom is the Bomb”


Virginia Isaad (Remezcla) writes about Dominican actor Diana de los Santos (aka Amara La Negra) and her new web series “Grind Pretty, My Mom is the Bomb.” The next episode of the show will air on May 13 at 6:00pm ET. 

Rites about w La Negra (born Diana Danelys De Los Santos) grew up wanting to be an artist and her mom was a huge part of helping her accomplish that rise to fame. Now, she’s honoring her with a web series devoted to moms and all things beauty.

Every Wednesday, “Grind Pretty, My Mom is the Bomb” highlights women entrepreneurs and their businesses. De Los Santos co-hosts the show on her Instagram with her mom in collaboration with Grind Pretty, a network for female entrepreneurs.

The hour-long premiere episode on May 6 featured a conversation with entrepreneur Yandy Smith-Harris—also from Love & Hip Hop: New York—and founder of Yelle Skincare as well as Moonchild Products, which sells handmade, plant-based bath and body products.

“I define Grind Pretty as a great platform where women entrepreneurs, who have both small and big businesses, can come together and exchange ideas and help motivate each other and encourage collaboration,” Amara tells Remezcla.

While the series includes celebrity guests, influencers and beauty and wellness experts, the heart of the show is watching her and her mom interact. During the first episode, Amara and her mom, who speaks primarily Spanish, talk about the struggles of single motherhood and how she supported Amara early on knowing she wanted to be an artist. Smith-Harris and Amara also discussed how they’re each close to their moms and admit that even when it’s not easy, there’s always love. [. . .]

Many of the products feature natural ingredients—an aspect of her beauty regimen that Amara’s mom also recommends. “The best beauty secrets my mom taught me was using coconut oil for my hair and skin and using avocado to keep my hair healthy and shiny,” she shares.

De Los Santos has spent plenty of time bonding during the quarantine. She wants all single mothers who are also immigrants to know “that anything is possible and I’d like to commend them for their strength.”

The next episode of her new show will air May 13 at 6 p.m. ET and feature giveaways from more female-owned brands. [. . .]

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