Guyana: Virtual hat show deemed a success


I had never heard of a “hat show,” and a virtual one at that. This bit of news caught my eye on this Saturday afternoon, especially because the beautiful hat featured above was named “Afternoon in the City.” Equally impressive is the fact that the hats were made from recycled materials and whatever was available in the participants’ homes.

The old and the young participated in the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown’s virtual hat show last weekend and according to organisers it was a big success. The club, which marks its 35th year in Guyana this year, was forced to go the virtual route when hosting its annual Easter hat show due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winners of the categories were posted on the club’s Facebook page earlier this week.

Persons participating were advised beforehand to simply use whatever was available in their homes to make their hats and were encouraged to recycle, be creative and to have fun.

[Guenet Gittens-Roberts with her parrot Phoebe wearing her hat dubbed ‘Afternoon in the City’.]

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