A Sinking Dinghy, and a Tiny Bird: Thoughts on COVID-19


A beautiful, wistful look at life in the times of COVID-19 from Petchary’s Blog: Cries from Jamaica. I can almost see that Vervain hummingbird in her yard…

[. . .] And for the rest of the time? I am resting my hopes in a tiny bird. Two inches long (five centimeters), we are honored to have the Vervain Hummingbird living in our yard. It is the second smallest bird in the world, after the Bee Hummingbird of Cuba. I see the male (and sometimes others) every day, perched on the most delicate tip of a branch of our moringa tree.

Our Vervains never stray far from the moringa, sipping from its creamy white flowers and dancing between its spindly branches. And they have a voice. The male’s high-pitched twitter sounds like someone wiping a window, the squeak of soap on glass. When I am watering, I hear a gentle buzzing in my ear. His wings.

My bird book (“A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Jamaica” by Ann Haynes-Sutton, Audrey Downer and Robert Sutton) notes: “Sometimes nests inside houses.”

I wish ours would.

I also wish that the dinghy would finally sink, and be done with.

And that the grandfather clock would stop ticking.

To read Petchary’s observations of life in the times of COVID-19, a grandfather clock, a sinking dinghy, and more, go to https://petchary.wordpress.com/2020/04/20/a-sinking-dinghy-and-a-tiny-bird-thoughts-on-covid-19/

[Photo above: Petchary thanks Wayne Sutherland of BirdLife Jamaica “for this exquisite photo.”]

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