Conrad Ifill, founder of Conrad’s Famous Bakery, has died


Conrad Ifill, the founder, and owner of Conrad’s Famous Bakery has become the latest victim of COVID-19. The first reports are that Ifill died on Friday morning.

Ifill was a pioneer businessman and community activist. Conrad’s Famous Bakery has been baking bread and serving the community for over 31 years.

He quit his Computer Data Processing job on Wall Street to pursue his dream of opening a Trinidadian Bakery.

He grew up was with a big family of seven siblings and he quickly realized there was never enough bread and in turn, began to bake his own bread. As an adult, Mr. Conrad migrated to New York and pursued a career in Computer Data Processing and Accounting.

However, he was not satisfied with this career path and decided to quit his job and pursue his dream of owning a successful Caribbean Bakery featuring Trinidadian favorites. Mr. Conrad has put his heart and soul in to creating the best mouth-watering bread around and stands by his products.

Today, Conrad’s Famous Bakery is one of the most well known Caribbean bakeries in NYC.

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