Campari to host virtual Jamaica Carnival Road March on Sunday


A report by Kadeem Rodgers for Loop Barbados.

Carnival in Jamaica may be down but it’s certainly not out.

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent cancellation of our social lives and every event possible, Campari is giving Carnival in Jamaica a tune-up on Sunday, albeit via live stream. Here’s why…

Campari is known locally and regionally for the association of its easy-mix cocktails perfect for Carnival fêtes and road march.

After an invigorating Carnival in Trinidad earlier this year, soca lovers were more than ready for the Carnival in Jamaica respective Road Marches that were set for Sunday, April 19, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several of these events have been cancelled and a select few postponed until further notice.

But, in an attempt to keep the Carnival in Jamaica spirit alive while keeping the safety of its consumers a priority, Campari promises a virtual road march, this Sunday starting at 12 pm.

The live stream will be hosted by none other than the ‘Ultimate Entertainer’, Brush1 Chromatic on Skkan’s official Instagram page @SKKANMe.

“While these are difficult times and many of us are facing a lot of uncertainty in our everyday lives, it’s still important that we take the time to do the things that bring us joy in a safe, sanitized, and responsible manner,” said Campari Marketing Manager Nadia Kiffin-Green.

She continued: “Carnival is one of those events that really bring people together. So we thought, why give up on the Road March altogether? Why not bring the people ‘together’ in the safest way we know how: with a virtual road march that perfectly captures the spirit of Campari Carnival!”

Those who tune in will get to play mas inside to the turntable skills of DJ Bloodline Franco and DJ Cyclone as together they maintain the spirit of Carnival alive digitally, with a mix of Soca and Dancehall favourites.

The Campari Carnival virtual road march wouldn’t be complete without Desha Ravers showing Brush1 Chromatic how to ‘dance on the road’ as well as showing off more moves to get the vibe going!

Carnival lovers are encouraged to don their feathers inside of their homes and tune in fully prepared to embrace the infectious Carnival spirit on Sunday!

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