Guyanese Cartoonist Rudy Seymour dies at 93


Samuel Rudolph Seymour, best known as Rudy Seymour, passed away at 93 years in New York City from complications of COVID-19.

He was the groundbreaking artist and writer of The Burnham Story, The Preacher Meets Big Mama, Peter Palaver and many others.

Rudy was also a popular cartoonist for the New NationGuyana GraphicThe Guyana ChronicleArgosy and other print media in Guyana.

In his younger days, he was also a jazz singer and musician.


From The Stabroek News:

Rudy Seymour captured the imagination of an era of youth with his character the Preacher, we even swapped two foreign comics for one of his,  The Preacher was constantly  at war with big Mama and her entourage of Folk creatures, later many of us understood who these characters represented in the real world of our society, how concealed prejudices were acted out in forms of entertainment like comics, radio and even stage, the Preacher embodied the imagery of the standard churches with it’s Christ caricature  reflective in its imagery of the old European Pagan Gods dressed up in Hebrew attire, while big Mama embodied all that was the Creole folk beliefs resident in our consciousness.  Seymour was unwittingly using his talents to cloud the positive approach to the understanding of our  Folk beliefs then made by men like Wordsworth Mc Andrew, but had Seymour done otherwise  his comics would most likely  not have been published.

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