These Picture Perfect Towns Are Literally Works of Art: Fort de France


From a gallery of 25 works of art by Melissa Banigan for Fodor.

Bord de Mer II, Paul Gauguin

WHERE: Fort-de-France, Martinique

In 1887, Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin went from France to the Caribbean island of Martinique, where he painted 17 works of art. Gauguin depicted an idealized (and often problematic) vision of island life–he portrayed women carrying fruit, women on plantations, and women, well, just about everywhere. Yet he also captured the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, and his use of saturated color in paintings like Bord de Mer II are similar to the true, vibrant colors displayed by nature on Martinique.

Stay at La Suite Villa, a hotel overlooking Martinique’s stunning Trois–Îlets Bay, and don’t miss lunch at Pignon Nouvelle Vague, a Creole restaurant located along the beach in Fort de France.

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