ttff’s free online screening series starts this Saturday!


make the popcorn and get comfy, movies start saturday!

#WatchAMovieOnUS online screening series

ttff fans! We are blown away by your enthusiasm and support for our upcoming #WatchAMovieOnUs online screening series! We’re excited to bring you fourteen films over fourteen days, from 28 march to 10 april 2020, in partnership with The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago. We will stream one film per day – for free via the ttff website, Films will be available for 24 hours each.

Our screening schedule will be posted to the ttff Facebook page over the next few days, so check out and follow our event page here, and do check in with our website and social media to get updates on the screening schedule.


here’s a sneak peek at the first four films:
28 march: Calypso Rose: The Lioness of the Jungle
29 march: Songs of Redemption
30 march: Sensei Redenshon
31 march: Green Days By The River

On Friday, we’ll share more about our first film, and the portal goes live on at 12am on Saturday 28 March.

#ttff20 #15in2020 #ttfilmfestival #quarantinelife
#ngc #attheforefrontofenergy #45years #nationalgascompany

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