Art Exhibition: “Geen kunst zonder kunnen—Nola Hatterman”


Curated by Ellen de Vries and Rinaldo Klas, the exhibition “Geen kunst zonder kunnen—40 repro’s van Nola Hattermans mooiste werken”  [No art without artistry—40 reproductions of Nola Hatterman’s most beautiful works] gathers important works by Dutch artist and actor Nola Hatterman, who spent many years in Suriname. Here is a description by Readytex Art Gallery, where the exhibition is on view until March 28, 2020. Readytex is located at Maagden Street 46-48, Paramaribo, Suriname.

Description (Readytex Art Gallery): In March, Readytex Art Gallery will present a very special museological exhibition that will feature the work of artist Nola Hatterman (1899-1984). This exhibition that was made possible thanks to support from the embassy of the Netherlands in Paramaribo, has two curators: Ellen de Vries and Rinaldo Klas. Ellen de Vries is a researcher and publicist who wrote a book about the artist and Rinaldo Klas is a visual artist and former student of Nola Hatterman.

Nola is best known as the art teacher for whom the Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Paramaribo is named, but only few are truly familiar with the art works that she herself made. In the exhibition Geen kunst zonder kunnen – 40 repro’s van Nola Hattermans mooiste werken [No art without artistry – 40 reproductions of Nola Hatterman’s most beautiful works], you will get acquainted with an important part of the oeuvre of this Dutch artist who made Suriname her home.

Nola was born in Amsterdam, in a colonial environment with ties to both the East and the West. As a child she was already puzzled by the discrimination directed towards people from the colonies.  She thought they were beautiful. She became friends with the Surinamese art models who were much sought after in the 1930’s. She supported Surinamese in Amsterdam in their fight against discrimination and endorsed their plea for an independent Suriname. Their quest for revaluation of their own – repressed – culture fitted in seamlessly with Nola’s propaganda for a black instead of white beauty ideal. In 1953 she left for Suriname.

At the School voor Beeldende Kunst in Paramaribo, she taught the core principles of art to countless artists. At the end of her life she moved to the center of Brokopondo to complete her unique series about the history of slavery and marronage. This had been her intention ever since reading the book Wij slaven van Suriname [Us slaves form Suriname] by Anton de Kom. In 1984 Nola passed away in a tragic accident on her way to Paramaribo, where she was about to participate in a group exhibition.

Starting from Thursday March 5th, you will be able to admire 40 reproductions of Nola Hatterman’s most beautiful art works in Readytex Art Gallery. Due to the museological nature of the exhibition, the reproductions are not for sale. The exhibition will also include original art works from famous Surinamese artists who used to be students of Nola. [. . .]

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