Sumfest NY Launch Stalled


The Gleaner reports that the New York launch party for Reggae Sumfest, which was previously scheduled for March 26 has been postponed and may even move to an online format. So far, the festival itself is still scheduled to take place from July 12 to 18, 2020, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The New York launch party for Reggae Sumfest, the DownSound Entertainment Ltd-owned and -produced annual summer festival, has been shifted, owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19, now shaking up the globe and some parts of America on lockdown. Sumfest organiser Joe Bogdanovich confirmed to The Gleaner that changes have been made to the invitation-only event, originally scheduled for Thursday, March 26, at Bogart House in Brooklyn.

“We haven’t confirmed the new date as yet because things are too much in flux to do that right now. However, we are looking at using an online platform, which will be quite exciting,” an upbeat-sounding Bogdanovich said.

With regard to Reggae Sumfest, billed as the world’s greatest Jamaican reggae-dancehall music festival, and which has earned a reputation as the Caribbean’s premier music festival, Bogdanovich emphasised that everything was in place. The festival, which showcases Jamaica’s indigenous music, as well as other popular global genres of music, is advertised to take place from July 12 to 18 in Montego Bay.

“We haven’t changed the date for the festival,” he said. “We continue to do our meticulous planning for a very entertaining event, of the usual high standard to which our patrons have become accustomed. It is all about keeping our music and our culture alive and in a positive light.”


Bogdanovich noted, however, that he and his team had put contingencies in place and are considering a Plan B and a Plan C as they work within the new coronavirus guidelines set out by the Government.

“We always want to keep on the right side of the law, so we are keeping abreast of the instructions from the leaders in the country, but we are staying in a real positive and inspired frame of mind. We understand the natural order of nature and the psychology of the human species – how they go up and down like a yo-yo.”

Now in its 27th year, the event continues to pay homage to the musical genres that originated in Jamaica that have broadly influenced the chart-topping urban and pop music of today. Sumfest, the organiser says, continues to add unprecedented value to Brand Jamaica by promoting three of the country’s most valuable products – the music, the culture, and the island itself as a global tourist destination.

Bogdanovich added, “The team is in very good shape, and we are getting closer together as we experience monumental challenges. And we know that this, too, will pass and that we are all in God’s hands.”


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