Resources for Socio-Environmental Research (UPR-Mayagüez)

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Professor Tania del Mar López Marrero, director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Coastal Studies [Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios del Litoral] at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, is leading three important projects to produce, support, and make accessible resources for/about socio-environmental research in Puerto Rico.

Two of these useful research resources on environmental matters in Puerto Rico—”Proyecto 1867: Desastres y memoria en Puerto Rico” and “Puerto Rico georefenciado: Un mosaico de la costa”—are particularly relevant to the topic of disasters and landscape change. The other resource centers on the environmental movement and an organization called Industrial Mission of Puerto Rico: “Misión Industrial de Puerto Rico: 40 años de lucha ambiental.” See brief summaries of each project below along with links to their respective websites. The pages and resources are in Spanish, but they will soon be available in English.

Proyecto 1867: Desastres y memoria en Puerto Rico (

The year 1867 was one of great impact for the residents of Puerto Rico. In that year three of the natural hazards to which the island and its inhabitants are exposed were experienced: a hurricane (Hurricane San Narciso), a series of earthquakes and a tsunami. In Proyecto 1867: Desastres y memoria en Puerto Rico, we study and document disaster events that have occurred since that year. We intend to provide information about such events and keep memory of them. We also provide a variety of resources (historical documents, videos, publications) that are useful to learn about hazards and disasters in Puerto Rico, as well as to conduct further research about disasters-related topics. Additionally, it is also our interest to encourage dialogue on the subject of disasters on the Island and to emphasize the importance of developing management plans at different levels to face current and potential hazard occurrence.

Puerto Rico georefenciado: Un mosaico de la costa (

Puerto Rico georreferenciado: Un mosaico de la costa consists of the georeferencing of aerial photographs from 1930-1931 and 1950-1951 for the coast of Puerto Rico. Georeferenced photographs allow their incorporation and use in a Geographic Information System (GIS), thus allowing their comparison and analysis with other geographic data of the island. On the project’s website, users can download the photomosaics as georeferenced files (ECW format) or as non-georeferenced images (JPG format). Thus, both Geographic Information System (GIS) users and non-GIS users can download and utilize the aerial photographs.

Misión Industrial de Puerto Rico: 40 años de lucha ambiental (

Through the Misión Industrial de Puerto Rico: 40 años de lucha ambiental project, we documented different environmental cases in which Misión Industrial, one of the first Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations in Puerto Rico, was involved. Another objective of the project is to digitalize the documents and materials related to the cases and make them available to the public. Thus, the page is a source of information and, at the same time a research tool for the study of social-environmental movements and environmental history in Puerto Rico.

For questions about these projects, you may contact Dr. Marrero at

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