Cuban singer fights coronavirus with his son “Quédate en casa”

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 1.23.31 AM.png

A report from Periódico Cubano.

Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

Cuban singer-songwriter known as Ariel de Cuba is another of the musicians who have joined the world campaign # QuédateEnCasa with a new musical theme.

“Hi my people. This is my best contribution to the campaign against the coronavirus, with music, ”said the singer at the beginning of the song.

To the rhythm of a merengue and urban rhythms, the Antillean resident in Spain told his followers that they should not take government measures as a game, so he advises staying at home.

“No matter what politician you follow, the planet needs your attitude. Now is the time to act, coronavirus we are going to turn you off, ”says the song.

Ariel also thanks all who are from various fronts giving their effort to stop the spread of the virus and give the best care to the sick.

“All my respects to all those brave professionals who are healing like animals, to see if the people of this come out, you are worth it,” said the musician.

Music has been one of the alternatives they have adopted in Spain and Italy to live the quarantine days with a touch of joy.

From the balconies, the neighbors in both countries are united from a distance with iconic musical themes. From the mythical zarzuela Cecilia Valdés to My heart will go on, a theme that accompanies the movie Titanic, they have sounded from the homes of Europeans.


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